The GoT Party

Working with Doubleday & Cartwright LA we created a mock political campaign to parallel the current US election with the ultimate goal of helping to promote the digital release of season six of HBO's Game of Thrones.


The visual experience needed to echo both the world of Westeros and the world of modern politics to help ground the mock campaign in reality. 


We created a rallying cry and, more specifically played off of the general disatisfaction with the American two party system.

During the initial launch fans were able to vote for their favorite candidate pairing, share their support on social channels and witness campaign progress in real time.


Another facet of the first phase of the campaign was creating individual campaign graphics as social shareables. This helped to distinguish the candidates from each other while adding to the sense of realism.


We added depth and story to each candidate by writing political bios and creating platform videos to bolster support based on issues affecting the world of Westeros.


Political cartoons were sketched to poke fun at what would be political issues in a Westeros election.


An interactive social map was used to display up-to-the-minute grassroots campaign support.


And finally, contribution levels were established to directly support the GoT Party.